Old Church into Modern Contemporary Home

This restoration project was as unique as it was exciting for both partners and the KI Builders team. Immediately spotting the potential in the solid old building, Murray Care and the KI Builders team proceeded to restore and renovate the church into a modern contemporary home.

Later an office would be build to the back of the property (where the camera man is standing in the photo below), which is today proudly the KI Builders head office.


The project presented a great challenge as our goal was to preserve, and restore the original and traditional style of the building itself while carefully supplementing and modernizing it as a Modern Contemporary home. Also, given the age of the building - the Floor and Walls had to be leveled out which was in-itself a notable challenge.

The result was fantastic. The small, and homely, community of Ohaupo were thrilled that their iconic church had been restored  and the building and property was later featured in Te Awamutu Courier, Lifestyle Magazine.


Today the property is home to the KI Builders head office while Murray lives in the church with his partner Dorothy Thresher.

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